Barbara Stephens

I am proud to announce that the Barbara Martin Agency is back up and running again.   I am going to be booking exclusively THE DULCIMER DUO (Nancy Cardwell Webster and Erin Erdos), a fantastic mother/daughter duo.    They put on a great show with Irish tunes and a little Irish jig every once in a while.

Also exclusive to my agency is KELLY EMERSON, guitar player extraordinaire, who is a virtuoso in rock n roll, jazz, country, blues, and, sometimes, a little bluegrass when he whips out the banjo.   He pairs up with BETTY HARTFORD, of the the best female singers around today.    Betty has spent her life in the music business and performed with the late John Hartford on all of his early radio and TV shows.   She was a hit at Beanblossom last year.Betty is known for her ability to sing jazz, country, blues, a little rock n roll, bluegrass and gospel.   Once you hear her, you will wonder why she has been hidden.

Another exclusive is DUCK WALLOW LANE, a young bluegrass group out of Tampa, Florida.   Duck Wallow Lane has been appearing at Festivals throughout Florida and are generating a lot of noise about their future in the bluegrass field.   They feature Morgan Brake on guitar.   Morgan is only 15 years old and is proving to be extremely talented for any age.    The group also features Barrett Maravilla, who is only 16 years old and quite a showman.    

The Bluegrass Music Groups are handled by Katrina Kimbrough.   Kat can be reached at (813) 310-7406.

I would love to hear from you.   You can reach me for any of the acts at (954) 445-6371.   


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